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Credit with 800 USD income

There are many people in our beautiful country who have a low income. On the one hand, because they want this and, for example, only work a few hours a month. On the other hand, however, also because their job generates so little income or they are in a very unfavorable tax bracket that brings with it many deductions. However, if you want to take out a loan with a low income, you have to overcome many obstacles in advance.

The hurdles presented here are very diverse. If, for example, you assume that a loan with an income of 800 USD is sought, the income of 800 USD clearly shows that this is not suitable for taking out a conventional installment loan. Because it is below the garnishment allowance and therefore offers no collateral. The situation is similar if this income is used to take up a special-purpose loan, such as a real estate loan. Here, too, there will be no bank that approves such a loan.

Seek the opportunities

Seek the opportunities

Many consumers believe that their low income means they have no chance of getting a loan. In fact, the banks and savings banks have very clear ideas about income from lending. With an income of 800 USD, you are significantly below the garnishment allowance that must at least be reached for borrowing.

We are therefore happy to respond to offers that promise a loan with an income of USD 800 even if the traditional banks have already declined. Such offers, which are often dubious and submitted by dubious intermediaries, do not have to be accepted at all. Because there are two serious ways to take out a loan with an income of 800 USD.

The consumer loan

The consumer loan

Taking out a consumer loan seems particularly easy. A consumer loan is a dedicated loan that is made available by dealers of all kinds and that we all know.

Regardless of whether you want to buy a new TV, laptop or a new kitchen, financing offers are waiting for you, which the dealers will submit for the purchase. Consumer credit is the generic term for such installment payment agreements with retailers. It is not the dealer who provides the loan, but merely acts as an intermediary between the bank and the customer. As a rule, the customer does not get to know the bank personally at all, since borrowing and all formalities are handled directly by the dealer.

The advantage of a consumer loan is that it does not have to have a fixed income above the garnishment allowance. It is sufficient if there is income that amounts to at least 450 USD per month. This income does not even have to be income from an activity. Maintenance payments, unemployment benefits or sickness benefits are also income that can be used for a consumer loan.

For this reason, the consumer loan is ideally suited as a loan with an income of 800 USD and can also be used if – as is necessary with an installment loan – there is no guarantee.

The installment loan with a guarantee

The installment loan with a guarantee

The classic installment loan, which is granted by banks and savings banks without a fixed purpose, can also be taken out as a loan with an income of 800 USD. However, only if a second borrower or a guarantor guarantees the loan. This means that the low-income earner will not get this loan without outside help.

However, if you get the help you need, you will be able to take out a good loan on fair terms. However, it should be borne in mind in this context that the installment loan is most likely only provided by the bank as a small loan. Because despite the guarantor, the low income is still there, which simply does not allow high monthly installments.

We therefore recommend that all loan seekers who can only boast a narrow income consider carefully whether a loan is really necessary and whether a small loan on fair terms is not the better choice than warm words from dubious credit intermediaries, who in the end do not make a proper loan proposal can submit.

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